How To Delete a TikTok Video Post (2024)

How to delete a TikTok video the right way

How To Delete a TikTok Video Post-ink

TikTok will likely continue to be blocked in some regions, but we still don’t think it’ll be eclipsed by other social media platforms anytime soon.

It’s almost clear that Bytedance will revise its policy, adjust the terms related to user data, and resubmit its application.

Even yet, it is still widely available for purchase in a wide variety of countries and regions. This section contains advice for using the app in that region.

How to delete a TikTok video:

  • Have a look at the TikTok clip you’re planning to delete from your account.
  • If you want to pause the video, tap the three-dot icon on the right.
  • Just hit the “Delete” button.

How to create a TikTok:

  • To save a TikTok video, press the “+” button in the app’s status bar.
  • Use the built-in camera or upload anything from your device’s library to share on TikTok.
  • The camera can be personalized with your choice of settings, including audio, video, and filter options.
  • To start recording a video, hit the red record button, and then tap the check mark after you’re done.
  • Make any additional edits you like on the posting page, such as adding subtitles or stickers.
  • Submit your video when you are confident with its quality.

Want to add some movement to your TikTok clips? Using our free animation builder, you can create high-quality, attention-grabbing TikToks in minutes.

Choose a role, then provide your voice through recording or uploading.

How To Delete a TikTok Video Post (2023)-ink

How to edit a TikTok:

Video editing, noise reduction, audio tweaking, quality enhancement, and a look at the video’s associated privacy settings are all accessible via the menu on the right of the screen after you’ve uploaded or recorded a video.

When you click the “Drop Down” arrow in the bottom right corner of this menu, a list of all of the available options will appear, along with labels indicating what each icon is for.

Using preexisting recordings that lack the ideal resolution for use on TikTok? Using our no-cost video resizing tool, you may adjust the dimensions of your film to meet TikTok’s specifications.

How to remove a TikTok video:

While editing your TikTok movie, if you decide you don’t like the effect of the filter you applied, you can easily undo it by navigating to the “Filters” section of the sidebar and clicking the circle with the slash through it. Your TikTok will now be unfiltered.

How to report a TikTok video:

This process works whether or not your TikTok account is public, so feel free to delete your video at any time:

  • Have a look at the TikTok clip you’re planning to delete from your account.
  • If you want to pause the video, tap the three-dot icon on the right.
  • Just hit the “Delete” button.
  • TikTok video abuse reporting procedures
  • Don’t let go of the play button; you need to keep pressing it.
  • Go forward with the steps after selecting the “Report” button.
  • TikTok also has a web form you can use to report videos you find inappropriate.

Can I remove someone else’s video?

Use the aforementioned procedures to report content on TikTok if you find it offensive or inappropriate.

TikTok will evaluate this material, and if necessary, remove it. Choose the “Not interested” option by holding down on the screen and making the selection if you’d rather not be shown similar content in the future.

How to download your TikTok before you delete it:

If you want to delete a TikTok but also save a copy for safekeeping, you can do so by following the procedures mentioned below.

  • Open up TikTok and navigate to the video you want to save.
  • Hold the screen down until a selection menu appears.
  • Decide to “Save video.”
  • The video will start downloading as soon as you click that button.

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