How to Get Water Out of Your Charging Port in 2024

How to Get Water Out of a Charging Port? Easy Methods

How to Get Water Out of Your Charging Port-ink

These are some steps you can do before contacting Apple Support to dry up your iPhone’s charging port after exposure to dampness.

Apple does not replace water-damaged products under warranty. The steps outlined here should also work for Android smartphones.

We recommend that you turn off your device, remove any extraneous attachments (such as a phone case or headphones), and stand your wet phone on its upright, USB-facing side before proceeding.

The latter can help stop the flow of water, reducing the risk of further damage to your smartphone.

You should let your phone dry out naturally:

If you get your phone wet, your initial inclination might be to use your hairdryer to dry it off when the heat setting is turned up.

However, the use of an external source of heat or compressed air may cause damage to the components of your phone.

It is preferable to instead let your phone air dry after you have removed any excess water from the exterior portion of the USB port on your device with a soft cloth.

You might also leave it in any other place that is warm and dry, such as near an open window.

If you don’t want your phone to overheat, avoid leaving it where the sun can directly hit it. if you want the process of drying your phone to go more quickly, put it in front of a fan the night before.

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How to Get Water-ink

Overnight, Place Your Phone in a Ziploc Bag Filled with Silica Gel:

Are you familiar with the silica gel packets that are included in practically all of the products that you purchase? If your smartphone becomes wet and you happen to have some packets lying around, you may use them to dry out the USB port on your phone and remove any moisture that may have accumulated there.

If your phone becomes wet, place it inside a bag along with several packets of silica gel and then close the bag.

Let it alone for the night and the silica gel will work its magic.

Take note that many people recommend that you pack your phone in dry rice to absorb excess moisture.

This is not a strategy that we advocate using. To begin, rice does not have a particularly strong capacity for drinking water.

If it were, you could cook rice by just leaving it out in the open air on a day when the humidity was high.

More importantly, the dust and starch that come from dry rice might cause damage to incredibly delicate components.

Things You Should Not Do While Working with a Wet Charging Port:

Here are a few things you should never do to your phone if it becomes wet, now that you know how to dry the charging port on your phone.

Warning Notifications on Your Phone Should Never Be Ignored:

Certain mobile devices may send you a liquid detection alert if they find moisture in the USB port. This is done to make you aware of a potential issue.

Whenever an error notice similar to this one appears on your screen, you should pay attention to it and address the problem as soon as possible.



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