How to Loop a Video on iPhone 2024

How to Loop Video on an iPhone: 4 Easy Step-by-Step Methods

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Every day, looping films can be found on many social media platforms. Looping videos are extremely entertaining to watch and fascinating to share with others.

There are a few different approaches you can use in order to achieve your goal of looping a movie on an iOS device.

You will learn numerous different ways to create a loop video on your iPhone in this article.

Method One: Convert the Live Photos to a Loop Video on iPhone:

Live Pictures let you play a video in a loop either continuously or back and forth without requiring any additional software to be downloaded.

Be sure that the Live Images have been saved on your iPhone or that you have directly recorded one before you attempt to loop a movie.

  • First, launch the Pictures app on your iPhone and look through all of the Live Photos that have been stored there.
  • To view all of your Live Photographs, navigate to the Album > Media Types > Live Photos menu option.
  • Locate the picture you want, then make your selection.
  • In the top-left corner of the screen, you’ll find an option labeled “Live.” From this menu, you can select a variety of effects, such as “Loop,” which will cause the video to continue playing from the beginning, or “Bounce,” which will cause the video to play forward and backward until you stop it.
  • The fourth step is to either save the video to your Files or upload it to your various social networking sites.
    The second method is to use the Repeat Slideshow function on the iPhone to loop a video.

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Method Two: Loop a Video on iPhone Using the Repeat Slideshow:

First, launch Photographs, select one or more files to work with, and then press and hold the left button until the Add to Album option appears.

After that, navigate to the album, click the settings option, and then select the Slideshow button from the drop-down menu.

Once you click the Play button, the video will start playing, but it will pause once it’s done. No worries! You can turn on the Repeat icon by going to the Settings menu in this section.

The video will continue to play on a continuous loop till you manually stop it.

Method Three: Loop YouTube Videos on iPhone:

Open YouTube on your iPhone and sign in to your account if you are not already signed in if this is the first time you have used your account.

Locate the video that you wish to play in a continuous loop and then add it to the playlist. After you have finished doing that, navigate back to the primary menu and select the Library option.

Play the video by selecting the playlist that you just added and playing it. Now you may play the video continuously by tapping the icon that looks like a loop.

Method 4: Using Boomerang for Looping Videos on iPhone:

Open Instagram on your iPhone and tap the + icon on the top-right corner of the screen to select the Story option.

To import an existing live photo into Boomerang, swipe up from the Story screen to open your camera roll.

Then find your wanted live photo and tap the boomerang icon to load it. Now, tap and hold anywhere on the screen or click on the Boomerang icon to convert it to a looped video.

You can save the looped video to the camera roll or share it with your friends. Like looping live photos, it’s also available for looping an existing video.

The only difference is that there is a length constraint when looping a video. Therefore, you can only loop a small portion of the whole video.

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Method 5: Loop Video with Boomerang Maker App on iPhone:

On your iPhone, navigate to the App Store and download the Boomerang Creator app.

Launch this application, then select an option to specify how you want this program to access the media files stored on your mobile device, and finally load the video that you want to play in a continuous loop.

At this point, select how much of the original video you want to loop.

The entire video can be played in a loop, or it can be trimmed down as necessary.

After that, this software will ask you to choose the video’s direction and then let you customize the number of times it repeats itself.

To export the looping video from your iPhone, tap the icon that looks like a save button.

Method 6: Loop Video Online for Free – FlexClip [Recommended]:

FlexClip is exactly what you need if you want to edit movies in an extremely user-friendly manner while also looping videos for free.

No editing knowledge is necessary, and there is no download required.

On the one hand, FlexClip is capable of looping your movie without degrading its quality.

On the other hand, it provides a plethora of editing options that can elevate the quality of your movie to a whole new level. To summarize, it is a wonderful option for looping videos that are hosted online.

How to Loop Videos Online with FlexClip:

To enter the editor, go ahead and click on the “Make a Video” button down below.

Tap the Media icon once the interface has completely loaded so that you can import videos from your own computer or mobile device.

Step 1: Upload the Video:

you can cut the video down to the length that you want if there are any parts that you do not want to keep. Adjust the Video to Fit Your Requirements.

If you want to discard some unwanted parts, trim the video to your desired length. Trim the Video as You Need

Step 2: Repeat the Video:

Play the Video Once Again

You can make as many copies of the timeline that contains movies as you desire by clicking the icon labeled Duplicate.

Step 3: More Edits to Refine Your Video:

Iterate over the Video by Looping it.

Step 4: Export the Video

Make Further Changes to Further Polish Your Video Add some music, transitions, and filters to your movie, and play about with the speed of the video as well. Improve the video that is looped.

The Bottom Line:

Here concludes the tutorial on how to loop a video on an iPhone. If you want to make a loop video on your iOS device, you can use any of the methods that were just described, depending on what you need it to do.

FlexClip is here to assist you if you are seeking a free tool that provides the finest possible service while maintaining the highest possible quality. Give it a shot right away!



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