How To See Your Liked Posts on Instagram 2024

How to See Liked Posts on Instagram PC? [4 Proven Ways]

How To See Your Liked Posts-ink

Knowing what other Instagram users like and don’t like can be illuminating and helpful in many situations. The things that are currently trending can be a good indicator of what you should do and learn in the future.

You used to be able to scroll through a continuous feed on Instagram to view the likes and comments of your friends.

Yet, the Activity page, where you can only see responses to your postings, has supplanted this function. Exactly where do Instagram likes manifest themselves at the moment?

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How to see your liked posts on Instagram:

The 300 most recent photographs and videos you’ve liked on Instagram will be saved. Here are all the status updates that you’ve liked twice.

By visiting your profile and clicking the Menu () icon in the top right, you may go to the stuff you’ve loved in the past. Choose Your Next Step from the drop-down menu below.

Choose “Likes” under “Interactions” in the “Your Action” menu. In the Likes area, you can see all of the stuff that a user has loved.

How To See Your Liked Posts on Instagram-ink

How to see someone else’s liked posts on Instagram:

Instagram like the history of another user is not viewable. The Activity tab (the heart button) at the top of the page shows you when friends have posted and interacted with your content. But, you won’t be notified of their likes on other users’ posts.

You have to go to the post in question and check if the other person has liked it yourself. To see if someone has liked a specific post, you’ll need to look into its like activity.



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