How to Shorten Video on iPhone In 2024

How to Trim and Cut Videos on Your iPhone in Easy Steps

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Apple’s iPhone Pictures app includes a video trimmer for fast editing. It’s not uncommon for people to film lengthy videos but only want to share a clip with friends.

This is of utmost significance when posting online or on social media like Instagram or Facebook amongst close friends and family.

However, users may opt to crop out the unnecessary parts rather than encoding a smaller version if the video is too large to send via email or store in the cloud.

The iPhone’s video quality has come a long way since its beginnings, making it a formidable competitor in the smartphone market.

In 2021, Apple introduced the iPhone 13 series, which included a Cinematic mode that automatically provided a depth-of-focus effect for subjects in a video.

Maintaining a steady focus on the subject being filmed is made possible by this feature. It’s also possible that the subject will shift.

Users have the option of manually adjusting the focus both while shooting and in post-production using Apple’s Photos app.

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How to Shorten Video on iPhone:

The Photos app on the iPhone goes well beyond its role as a simple viewer thanks to its extensive set of editing features.

One of these is the capability to trim a video’s duration or eliminate a selected section. Fire up the Photos app and choose the unprocessed video clip for editing.

Activating the “Edit” button in the top left will reveal a volume slider directly under the video, allowing for easy volume tweaks.

Use the given sliders to adjust the start and stop times of the video. The edited portion of the video can be viewed by clicking the yellow box. Click the play button to sample the edited video before saving any final changes.

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Editing Videos With The Photos App:

Video trimming is just one of many editing options available in the iPhone’s Pictures app. You can access these through the Edit menu’s new toolbar that appears on the screen’s bottom.

Many image-editing controls, such as brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, and noise reduction, are accessible through a single tap on the tiny sun icon. With the slider tool, you can easily adjust any of these parameters.

The Photos app has a wide variety of instantaneous video filters to choose from. A simple slider allows you to adjust the filter’s strength. Finally, you can flip, rotate, and straighten your video on the iPhone Pictures app.



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