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Soundop Audio Editor 2022

In the realm of digital audio editing, precision, flexibility, and ease of use are paramount.

Soundop Audio Editor emerges as a versatile software solution designed to meet the demands of audio professionals and enthusiasts alike.

In this article, we delve into the features, functionalities, and benefits of Soundop Audio Editor, exploring how it empowers users to craft high-quality audio productions with efficiency and precision.

Introduction to Soundop Audio Editor:

Soundop Audio Editor is a sophisticated audio editing software developed by Ivosight Software Inc.

Designed to cater to the needs of musicians, podcasters, audio engineers, and content creators, Soundop Audio Editor offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features for recording, editing, mixing, and mastering audio content.

With its intuitive interface and powerful editing capabilities, Soundop Audio Editor sets a new standard for professional audio production.

Key Features and Functionality:

1. Multitrack Editing:

Soundop Audio Editor supports multitrack editing, allowing users to work with multiple audio tracks simultaneously.

Whether mixing music, editing podcasts, or producing soundtracks for videos, users can arrange, edit, and mix audio tracks with precision and flexibility, enhancing productivity and workflow efficiency.

2. Advanced Editing Tools:

With a wide range of editing tools and features, Soundop Audio Editor enables users to perform intricate audio editing tasks with ease.

From basic operations such as cutting, copying, and pasting to more advanced functions like time stretching, pitch shifting, and noise reduction, users have the tools they need to achieve professional-grade results.

3. Real-time Effects Processing:

Soundop Audio Editor offers real-time effects processing capabilities, allowing users to apply audio effects and plugins to their tracks in real-time.

Whether adding reverb, delay, EQ, or compression, users can audition and adjust effects settings on the fly, speeding up the editing and mixing process while maintaining creative control.

4. Automation and Mixing:

For precise control over audio dynamics and levels, Soundop Audio Editor includes automation and mixing features.

Users can automate volume, pan, and effect parameters across multiple tracks, creating dynamic and polished audio productions with smooth transitions and precise adjustments.

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Software ScreenShots:

Soundop Audio Editor 2022

Soundop Audio Editor 2022

User Experience and Interface:

Soundop Audio Editor boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface designed to streamline the audio editing workflow.

The software’s clean layout and customizable workspace make it easy for users to navigate its various features and tools, while its responsive performance ensures a smooth editing experience even with large audio projects.


  • Batch processing of multiple files.
  • It is possible to work on projects in several windows at once.
  • Utilize well-organized panels to create a customized workspace.
  • Using keyboard shortcuts can speed up operations.
  • Within the Start panel, you will find files and projects from the last few days.
  • The Tracks pane is where you can manage your tracks.
  • Change the properties of the audio clip in the Clip pane.
  • Easy control of automation curves is possible with clip automation.
  • You can control the parameters of all tracks in the Mixer panel.
  • The Files panel lets you easily manage your audio sources in multitrack projects.
  • Make a mark at the distance and position. Bookmarks allow you to access all timeline markers.

What’s New?

  • FLAC and MP3 files can now have their cover art edited.
  • It is now possible to record pre-rolls in mixed space.
  • Now you can register pre-rolls in Wave editor.
  • There have been several bug fixes.

System Requirements:

  • Windows MME or ASIO compatible sound card.
  • Windows 10, 8, 7.

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In conclusion, Soundop Audio Editor stands out as a powerful and versatile tool for audio professionals and enthusiasts seeking to elevate their audio productions.

With its comprehensive set of features, intuitive interface, and advanced editing capabilities, Soundop Audio Editor empowers users to create high-quality audio content with precision and efficiency.

Whether producing music, podcasts, soundtracks, or audio for video projects, Soundop Audio Editor provides the tools and flexibility needed to bring creative visions to life.

Embrace the power of Soundop Audio Editor and unlock the full potential of your audio productions.

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